Dana Asher-Levine




Since 2001, style architect Dana Asher Levine has served as the sartorial expert for Hollywood’s most powerful female executives. Her styling business, Dhstyle Inc., is arguably the most influential of its kind. Dana has a passion for dressing the “real woman” at every size and age, and empowering her clients to express themselves through their personal style.

Asher Levine’s clients include producer Shonda Rhimes, Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden, Fox Searchlight executive Nancy Utley, producer Michelle King of The Good Wife, Dreamworks producer Bonnie Arnold, and Skydance’s Anne Globe. She specializes in creating work and weekend looks for a well-rounded executive wardrobe, that will take clients from the C-suite to the red carpet, as well as film festivals, charity galas and public appearances. Often described as a “clothing therapist”, Dana advocates for a wardrobe that navigates the line between individuality and professionalism, and encourages her clients to boost their confidence by dressing just outside of their comfort zone.

Dana’s personal journey is unique in that she achieved massive success as a stylist as a second career, at age 40. In 2002, Dana, a mother of three experiencing some major life changes, found a new way to provide for her family by following her passion of shopping and getting dressed. She single handedly built her business from the ground-up, earning high profile clients through word-of-mouth, and establishing a relationship with the biggest designers and jewelers around the world.

She is passionate about imparting her style wisdom to all women (and men) through her Instagram account, @theclothingtherapist.

Dana is available for brand ambassadorships and speaking engagements. To inquire, please contact rebecca@metropublicrelations.com.